New Year Yay

IMG_0838-0.JPGFiguring out the GoPro with Obi.

So, I’ve downloaded the app for my i-devices in hopes that I will post more often. I’ve pretty much been up to the same stuff as always, just with less time to blog. I am hoping to change that this year.
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shimmery deer

SONY DSCDeer I painted with some shimmery-glitter antlers. Decided to post a few paintings I’ve done in my Etsy shop even!

I have been painting & knitting quite a bit recently. Keeping the hands busy and mind happy I suppose. Work can get pretty stressful and I really don’t enjoy bringing it home in the form of grumpiness or lingering thoughts. Pebbles has been a pretty constant model for my knitted items, although I don’t think she really enjoys it…anything for a treat!

SONY DSCHere she is falling asleep as she models a shawl I recently finished. I have been really loving this gradient yarn by Twisted Fiber Arts, such great colors.

What do you do to keep the mind happy?

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coming back to the blog

pebbles the model
GUYS! I am working to try to get back into blogging. So much to talk about lately. Firstly, a photo of Pebbles being all stylish and modeling a shawl I finished not too long ago. werk.

Also, we adopted a new Frenchie back in Novemeber. His name is Obi & he is blind in one eye (cataract). We hope to get it fixed soon. Quite the stud, eh?
What have you all been up to?! I need some serious updates y’all.


a year…

It has been a complete year since my last post…& quite a bit is the same, but quite a bit more has changed.

I haven’t had the heart to post about Lola; it still stings way too much….But if you follow my instagram, you know that she passed back in June. I miss her every day.

sleep well my Lola

Perhaps I will get back into blogging. I do miss it.
Hugs to all of you.

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anything can happen

For Sale

took this photo a while ago & i just love how it came out. for some reason the holga (claudette) & i really get along well.

& in random news, i am just loving this song lately.

& i went to chicago a few weekends ago. so amazing. photos about it soon…

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