knit bracelet love

oop. a little while ago i purchased a super awesome bracelet from oh just jess. i love it. it’s such a great color. it’s chunky yet lightweight. & it looks great with my more casual day to day look. you can check out her blog too, which is really fun. she’s also a fellow science dork, which is always a plus.

oh. & that notebook? i made it over a year ago following a make your own photo journal tutorial from photojojo. i’ve actually made quite a few of them, i think both my mom and sister have one in their purse. they make cute, inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts. great for the holidays, maybe paired with some pretty pencils.

have you made any awesome purchases?


  1. Posted October 6, 2011 at 20:17 | Permalink

    Love your notebook!! very cool. I’m just starting to make my fave list on etsy and start picking out some great stuff for Christmas gifts. i’ve bought one pair of earrings so far and have some really cool stuff marked. i’m really into art i’m finding on etsy lately…there are some awesome pieces on there.

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    !! <3 Jess – i own two of her necklaces 🙂 as far as my recent purchases go – I just bought a "horsey" screenprinted tee from vital Can't wait to see it in person!

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    That journal is so cute, what a great idea! I love how crafty you are, when I try to do stuff like that it ends horrendously lol.

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    I love that journal! I’ve made similar ones with scrapbook paper. and my latest etsy purchase was pink baker’s twine 😉


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