links o’ random

just a few (random) links i thought i’d share…

cuppow! something about this just makes me so happy. yay for mason jars & southern style.

recently, the boy destroyed (melted) our magic bullet (womp womp). so he upgraded us to the ninja, which has truly evolved our smoothie recipie ideas. this green smoothie looks amazing. i’d have to add a bit of protein possibly, but i am really wanting to try it out. maybe tomorrow or whenever i get some more bananas.

laughable 90’s fashion. enough said.

some kermit the frog wisdom. he’s such a stud.

a hair style maybe: chignon. not sure if i can pull this off when my hair is at its curliest, but i really love it.

i don’t have an ice cream machine, but i want one so i can get this book.

i totally love everything in the shop: goldenink.

& that’s lola above, not wanting to pose with easter basket grass on her head. sometimes she is just not wanting to pose. sigh.


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